J&M Kelly Landscape & Excavation Services

Joe Kelly, a life-long resident of Walpole, MA, grew up riding shotgun in the trucks of his family-owned landscape business. As the third generation in the business, Joe remembers helping his grandfather on the jobs — be it mowing, trimming, or mulching. From a very young age, Joe learned the true meaning of a hard day’s work, and the pride he felt knowing he had accomplished something worthwhile to help make a customer’s home beautiful.

Today, Joe operates J & M Kelly Landscape & Excavation Services. They offer full excavation, site work, septic systems & landscape construction. He incorporates his family’s principles & hard working values into every project.


Winston (the black, brown and white fella) and Peanut (the lighter-colored brown and white lady) joined the Kelly Household July of 2018. Instantly, they fell in love with their humans, Joe and Meg — as well as the taste of their chairs, coffee tables, and window trim. Needless to say, a little cosmetic work is in Joe and Meg’s future…

Peanut, the runt of the litter, is now a 45lb English Bulldog, sitting next to her brother Winston of 60lbs. Winston likes to think he is the MACK Truck Company Bulldog; we don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.

When they found out Joe and Meg were starting a company, they quickly jumped in to help, offering to assist in bookkeeping and office work. Unfortunately, most of the time, Joe and Meg found them sleeping on the job, usually with their mouths closed upon another chunk of furniture. Not having the heart to can them, Winston and Peanut are paid handsomely with treats for the “emotional morale” they provide.

Winston and Peanut